The second collocated eVe-Aeolus measurement in Cape Verde during ASKOS 2021 operations

Vertical aerosol profiles from eVe lidar where successfully retrieved from the targeted eVe measurement during the second closest Aeolus overpass over Mindelo, Cape Verde on 09/07/21 during the ASKOS 2021 operations. The boundary layer is visible below 1km where the lidar data indicate a marine sea salt dominant aerosol component. On top of that, an isolated dust layer is extended from 1.5 km up to 6.5 km.

The atmospheric conditions seem similar to past Friday’s overpass (02/07/21) where a marine boundary layer and an isolated dust layer where detected, too.

The first comparison between the particle backscatter coefficient retrieved from eVe lidar and Aeolus L2A product processor (SCA and SCA mid) is presented below.

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