eVe on the way to Cape Verde!

Today, 22/04/2021, NOA-ReACT team received on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) the eVe lidar system from Raymetrics. eVe was shipped to Cape Verde in order to participate to the tropical campaign ASKOS at Mindelo, Sao Vicente.

eVe will support the Aeolus satellite mission from ground, providing unprecedented collocated reference measurements of aerosols and clouds for the Calibration and Validation (Cal/Val) of the mission.

NOA and Raymetrics are proud to participate to the Aeolus Cal/Val programme by utilizing Greek technologies to support this important mission, aiming to improve weather forecasts by providing high-quality wind, aerosol and cloud observations from space.

We want to thank Raymetrics, NOA administration and all the management units across ESA Direcrorates and Sites for all their relentless effort and support, to accomplish this challenging mission through the coronavirus era.